Timo Werner for Chelsea so far

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  • Timo werner should just leave

    Hamzaye HDTVHamzaye HDTVPřed 13 dny
  • Deșteaptă-te Române 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

    Gabriel DuracGabriel DuracPřed 14 dny
  • Beer must be very cheap in the UK

    Moritz PuhrschMoritz PuhrschPřed 14 dny
  • How to go to space Google: become an astronaut Bing: put your head infront of goal and let timo kick you

    Mohamad AurafaMohamad AurafaPřed 15 dny

    Himanshu RajdevHimanshu RajdevPřed 16 dny
  • Hey harrowk are you actually romanian??? 🇷🇴🇷🇴

    Dániel PintérDániel PintérPřed 16 dny
    • @Harrowk unsubscribed 🤮🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

      Dániel PintérDániel PintérPřed 16 dny
    • Yes i am sir

      HarrowkHarrowkPřed 16 dny
  • Sorry imma have to unsub if you keep speaking

    BakfietsBakfietsPřed 16 dny
  • Harrowk voice is glorious we demand face reveal

    401, Sumer Rana401, Sumer RanaPřed 16 dny
  • Werner: I haven't shown you everything I've got. Trust me, I can always find a way to make your jaw drops.

    The Algerian TankThe Algerian TankPřed 17 dny
  • God the last part got me like.... 110 millions litres of beer😂😂😂😂 WTF!!!!😁😂😂😂😂

    Oyediran TolaniOyediran TolaniPřed 17 dny
  • Your videos were better without commentary

    Shut upShut upPřed 17 dny
  • "They could've bought 110 million litres of beer" Germans: I hear that

    hola carahola caraPřed 17 dny
  • Wait , harrowk is some Indian dude ?

    Sport MixSport MixPřed 17 dny
  • Werner + Havertz = 😍

    Luc WijngaardLuc WijngaardPřed 17 dny
  • same for germany 😂😂😁

    KTKTPřed 17 dny
  • At the West Brom game, he was tired of him missing. He was right next to the goal, but he passed it to Mason Mount anyways.

    Chief ObviousChief ObviousPřed 17 dny
  • Fun fact: it’s official, Harrowk is Romanian. That’s the national anthem that is played and that’s his voice!!!

    Lavar Ball’sLavar Ball’sPřed 17 dny
    • And the beer thing

      Abukar culusow vinesAbukar culusow vinesPřed 14 dny
    • @Harrowk It's confirmed

      Chief ObviousChief ObviousPřed 17 dny
    • Yes sir

      HarrowkHarrowkPřed 17 dny
  • Missing the old harrowk

    Hue G. RectionHue G. RectionPřed 17 dny
  • 0:19 ارجع ارجع ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه arabian

    Mhmd AyyadMhmd AyyadPřed 17 dny
  • Timo werner has helped this channel more than he has helped chelsea. Such a kind soul.

    Akshat KumarAkshat KumarPřed 17 dny
  • Are u romanian?

    The mighty badgerThe mighty badgerPřed 17 dny
  • This isn’t funny

    Reverend LovejoyReverend LovejoyPřed 17 dny
  • less talking plox

    Michae VMichae VPřed 17 dny
  • Where are you from, this accent is Slavic...

    Йордан СтояновЙордан СтояновPřed 17 dny
  • Coincidence??? I think not

    M Sa'adM Sa'adPřed 17 dny
  • Imagine having a defensive line including Werner , Martial , Vinicius and Dembele

    TamzzyTamzzyPřed 17 dny
    • and sterlling, morata, hugien

      Youssef MohamedYoussef MohamedPřed 17 dny
  • Fun fact: Sterling was Puskas , but then he was to Good, so he decided to put a Mask and change his name into Sterling

    Nat Phillips The GoatNat Phillips The GoatPřed 17 dny
  • Is that your voice homie?

    Salih YavuzSalih YavuzPřed 17 dny
    • Yes

      HarrowkHarrowkPřed 17 dny
  • Werner has the most direct goal involvements and has won the most penalties at Chelsea he isnt a waste smh

    Ed AEd APřed 17 dny
    • @X Plays im talking about the torres curse

      ProximityProximityPřed 17 dny
    • @Proximity maybe not every. Anelka, Drogba, Costa

      X PlaysX PlaysPřed 17 dny
    • Every legendary striker who came to chelsea just to flop like torres

      ProximityProximityPřed 17 dny
  • Harrowk is glorious

    Tashif IqbalTashif IqbalPřed 17 dny
  • Timo is kicking the ball to the sky instead of the goal because he is trying to communicate with aliens what a true genius.👽👽

    mohammed rohan khanmohammed rohan khanPřed 17 dny
    • Æ X-12 WJICJ2J IMDX

      ChronoZone GamingChronoZone GamingPřed 16 dny
  • Before 1k

    Ash TownerAsh TownerPřed 17 dny
  • Timo Werner:Sterling is my inspiration

    Jiss JijoJiss JijoPřed 17 dny
  • Where are u from? Hehe

    Sie7eSie7ePřed 17 dny
  • I used to skip my finishing lessons just to watch Werner finish - cristiano ronaldo

    dont you daredont you darePřed 17 dny
    • Should have said passing

      Pro NetworkPro NetworkPřed 17 dny
  • I'm early

    Luis HalpernLuis HalpernPřed 17 dny
  • "Sterling is my Idol" - Werner

    Jiss JijoJiss JijoPřed 17 dny
    • your club employs Dembele and Greizmann 😭

      SamirSamirPřed 17 dny
  • Imagine having Morata, Sterling, Werner in attack

    Enio FranićEnio FranićPřed 17 dny
    • even though Sterling can't shoot he can still dribble and pass well

      SamirSamirPřed 17 dny
  • Vinicious junior= "timo is my senior'

    mohammed rohan khanmohammed rohan khanPřed 17 dny
  • Chelsea has buld a special goal post for timo the size of an entire side of a football field . Guess what he still missed😬😬

    mohammed rohan khanmohammed rohan khanPřed 17 dny
  • "They could've bought 110 million litres of beer" *Russians :* Say no more

    [ S c ʏ т н E ][ S c ʏ т н E ]Před 17 dny
    • @All-In-One haha😂

      [ S c ʏ т н E ][ S c ʏ т н E ]Před 16 dny
    • @[ S c ʏ т н E ] yeh and all them ak's

      All-In-OneAll-In-OnePřed 16 dny
    • @Unknown User yeah but still..Vodka is mainly Russian

      [ S c ʏ т н E ][ S c ʏ т н E ]Před 16 dny
    • @Unknown User yeah, but it's about Russians here, not Germans

      Йордан СтояновЙордан СтояновPřed 16 dny
    • Beer is more of a German thing

      Unknown UserUnknown UserPřed 17 dny
  • Timo Werner : *"This isn't even my final form."*

  • Let's be honest, we all will prefer Beer over Werner

    Ahaan BahlAhaan BahlPřed 17 dny
  • at least Sterling scores

    SamirSamirPřed 17 dny
  • 0:17 Tranalation: "back" 5 times

    Ahmad zahraniAhmad zahraniPřed 17 dny
    • Which language ?

      Ali ÖzcanAli ÖzcanPřed 17 dny
  • Breaking News:Werner has revealed that Sterling is his brother.

    Muhammad AbdullahMuhammad AbdullahPřed 17 dny
  • Top meme materials for others: Phil Jones, Morata, Karius etc.. Top meme material for Harrowk: Sterling 😂

    Fan SiteFan SitePřed 17 dny
    • That meme of Phil Jones crawling is the funniest thing i have seen

      Chief KaizerChief KaizerPřed 17 dny
  • Harrowk Chelsea advisor when

    SewfSewfPřed 17 dny
  • Sterling : "you maybe more strong timo but my misses are still legendary"

    mohammed rohan khanmohammed rohan khanPřed 17 dny
  • Werner "German Sterling"

    Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 4Před 17 dny
  • "Looks like i finally found my opponent" Morata

    Mark Akoury ꪜMark Akoury ꪜPřed 17 dny
    • Missner and Missling gonna have a great battle

      _ Cöke __ Cöke _Před 16 dny
    • Abraham entered the chat

      Nikita MiliutinNikita MiliutinPřed 16 dny
    • Higuain: hold my burger

      Nishant JoshiNishant JoshiPřed 17 dny
    • Sterling : long time,no see

      Pro NetworkPro NetworkPřed 17 dny
    • Vinicius: Include me as well

      Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 4Před 17 dny
  • Damn

    Lonely DuckLonely DuckPřed 17 dny

    Alamata MaharyAlamata MaharyPřed 17 dny
    • please don't compare a decent winger to this blonde flop

      SamirSamirPřed 17 dny
  • The Romanian anthem is glorious

    DavidDavidPřed 17 dny
    • thk u man

      Carol Caraiman HohenzollernCarol Caraiman HohenzollernPřed 17 dny
  • I was just surprised that you didnt post his miss against North Macedonia

    Was a lawyer .Was a lawyer .Před 17 dny
    • Eh why not

      mohammed rohan khanmohammed rohan khanPřed 17 dny
    • Hey haaland was a lawyer Huge fan of your comments sir 😂

      Fun UnlimitedFun UnlimitedPřed 17 dny
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Alex AAlex APřed 17 dny
  • Gud

    gameboxpro3000gameboxpro3000Před 17 dny
  • Werner will become an amazing striker like pastor fred someday

    ClapClapPřed 17 dny
  • Should I comment 'First' or what?

    Samriddha DeySamriddha DeyPřed 17 dny
  • this hurt me. deeply.

    JoshuaJoshuaPřed 17 dny
  • 😳

    KMS 29KMS 29Před 17 dny
  • First

    MaliMaliPřed 17 dny
  • 1st!

    Ujaan AichUjaan AichPřed 17 dny
  • First

    Stonecityj1Stonecityj1Před 17 dny
  • Lol

    NdidiSZNNdidiSZNPřed 17 dny